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The Universe always says YES!

It also has a very good sense of humour and a long memory.

It would do me good to remember both points.

A few years ago, I wrote a book proposal called ‘The Power of Promises-Baby Steps to Big Success’ and submitted it to several traditional publishers. Lots of rejection letters, unfortunately no acceptance letters (yet).

I loved my proposal and the work I did to create that book and I didn’t want to put it ‘in the drawer’ forever! That work was good and needed to be put out into the world! I’m excited to say that I’m currently in the process of doing just that…re-visiting and re-editing my book! I’ve decided that it will become my first ‘e-book’ and will eventually find a home in the Universe through this website.  Check.

(Please sign up for your copy! The first 100 subscribers will receive the e-book for FREE!).

Naturally, I am going thru the manuscript and deciding what’s good, what needs to be re-written, what needs more work, etc. etc. I’m enjoying putting myself back in that time and place and re-reading my work. It was actually a very turbulent time in my life, but yet incredibly creative and exciting as well. I learned to feel “in the flow” of life and to maintain that feeling for a long period of time…I began to understand consciousness, and the power of intentions. I felt truly joyful, grateful and happy.  I produced a lot of creative work and felt like I was connected to the Universe in a way I had never really felt before in my life.

Earlier today, I realized (again) that the Universe is always saying Yes! to me and my dreams. And even better, will even give me little hints and clues to let me know those dreams are being cared for and supported, even if I sometimes forget.

In that first manual, I wrote about the power of taking baby steps. Taking deliberate, tiny, daily actions in the direction of your most desired dreams, goals and intentions. One of the examples I gave was to have a million dollars. I wrote that if having a million dollars was your desire, then you would need to break that down to the tiniest action step you could imagine and take that action step every day. In the example of the million dollars, the tiniest action step I could imagine was to save a penny every day. I realize that mathematically it is not possible to save your way to a million dollars by putting away a penny a day…but the point was not the amount. It was the action step and signalling to the Universe that you were willing to do something every day to achieve your dream. It was saying that you were willing to save every day, that you were willing to work towards earning and investing, that you were ready for a large amount of money to come into your life.

I’ve noticed that recently I have been finding an abnormal amount of pennies! Every day I find at least one penny! This has been going on for several weeks, usually found on my daily walk with my dog. A few months ago I decided that I was going to be grateful for all money that comes into my life, no matter how big or small, so I say ‘thank you’ to the Universe every time I receive any money. Thank you for each penny!

I’ve always been lucky about finding money, ever since I was a little girl it seems like I was always coming across money stuck in the snow, blowing across the street, or lodged in a bush. Never a huge amount, just small bills (although finding $20.00 when I was 7 felt like a huge a mount of money at the time!!)

Today I found a penny on my walk and I said ‘thank you’ to myself as I usually do….but I also found myself thinking, ‘it seems silly to care about these pennies. Pennies won’t pay my bills, pennies are enough, pennies don’t add up etc. etc.’ Nevertheless, I still said thank you and appreciated my good fortune for receiving money and went on my way.

Imagine my surprise when I began re-reading my manuscript and got to the part of my own book that talked about saving a penny a day. I had forgotten all about it.  The Universe has been sending me pennies and telling me to go forward with my dreams, desires, goals and wishes. I just hadn’t been listening.

I will continue to collect my found pennies and I will deliberately care for them and put them into a very special savings account….”The Universe’s Million Dollar Yes Account” or maybe “Pennies from Heaven”.   As I’ve said before, Everything Counts!